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During this Conference, we presented the Augia project in a scheduled talk.

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Durante questo Convegno abbiamo presentato il progetto Augia in un intervento programmato.

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Here Giovanni Maria Piacentino’s Talk content (download acts):

Ecological and economic prospectives for the disposal of sewage sludge

The Augias project is placed in the dual perspective of the disposal of sewage sludge and biomass deriving from agricultural and forest maintenance. The vision is, on one side, to promote the short chain of biomass, and to enhance the management of the territory. To prevent deforestation, to increase maintenance of the environment, and recover raw materials.
The project involves the use of the AUGIAS gasifier, already under construction in Molise as part of the LIFE 2019/669 project, which provides for the treatment of sewage sludge from the Termoli Industrial Consortium – COSIB.
Starting from the prototype, the working hypothesis envisages four gasification trains that can treat the following charges:
– 2,700 tons/year of wastewater purification sludge with 78% humidity
– 9.180 tons/year of wood chips from prunings and twigs with 35% humidity
– oxygen as an oxidizing agent
The syngas produced would then allow the production of Hydrogen, Methane or even liquid hydrocarbons through further transformations. The hypothesis in question envisages the use of a quantity of 275 kg/h with 10% humidity of biomass and sewage sludge, to feed each “AUGIAS Like ” Gasifier Reactor

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